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[Video] #FollowCamFriday – Khyber to Babylon

Just outside of the Whistler Bike Park boundary, accessed off of Top Of The World, a special type of trail exists. If you make it past the wild gophers, Khyber to Babylon By Bike is a Whistler classic. If you … Continue reading [Video] #FollowCamFriday – Khyber to Babylon → The post [Video] #FollowCamFriday – Khyber to Babylon appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] Rylo 360° Cam Test Clip

Check out our first clip shot on the Rylo 360° Camera. Edited in the Rylo App on our phone, we were able to pinpoint the angle in which the camera points, changing it as desired during the video (click on … Continue reading [Video] Rylo 360° Cam Test Clip → The post [Video] Rylo 360° Cam Test Clip appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Tested] YT Capra 29 CF Pro

In the space of a few years, YT has been able to gain a great popularity not only with very aggressive marketing campaigns, but also well thought out and aesthetically appealing bikes at extremely competitive prices. Opening the gates to this new approach in … Continue reading [Tested] YT Capra 29 CF Pro → The post [Tested] YT Capra 29 CF Pro appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

SDG Launches Junior Pro Kit

SDG recently announced a full kit of specific, high performance bits for your little shredder. Comprised of saddles, pedals, grips and a handlebar, you can buy the kit for just under $150. It’s aimed at kids on 18” to 24” wheeled … Continue reading SDG Launches Junior Pro Kit → The post SDG Launches Junior Pro Kit appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] Life Cycles – Semenuk / McCaul

It’s hard to believe that Life Cycles is 8 years old now, and it’s widely hailed as the best Mountain Bike movie ever made. Enjoy the marquee hayfield section with Cam McCaul and Brandon Semenuk. Available on iTunes: / Amazon: … Continue reading [Video] Life Cycles – Semenuk / McCaul → The post [Video] Life Cycles – Semenuk / McCaul appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] All Out Alloy

Carbon bikes tend to spend most of the time in the spotlight in today’s cycling world, but you can have every bit as much fun on an alloy frame. Dylan Forbes, Jakob Jewett, and Justin “Dewey” Roy hit the trails … Continue reading [Video] All Out Alloy → The post [Video] All Out Alloy appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

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