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Time Announce the Speciale 8

A year ago, TIME launched its first Enduro pedal in aluminum, the Speciale 12, today, TIME launches its little sister the Speciale 8. The Speciale 8 is still as reliable but more compact, lighter and more affordable with a price … Continue reading Time Announce the Speciale 8 → The post Time Announce the Speciale 8 appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Tested] Mission Workshop Sans Jacket

Since†we’ve had a much rainier Winter than usual in California, naturally more of our rides have†taken place with a rain shell. This year we’ve been spending quite a bit of time in “the Sans”, a rather unique offering from Mission … Continue reading [Tested] Mission Workshop Sans Jacket → The post [Tested] Mission Workshop Sans Jacket appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] How the FOX Grip2 Cartridge Works

Using the original GRIP architecture as a blueprint, the new damper has been enhanced with new technology: 4-way adjustability, an innovative VVC high-speed rebound circuit, a high-performance mid-valve, and a dramatic reduction in friction. The GRIP2 damper features moto-inspired FIT … Continue reading [Video] How the FOX Grip2 Cartridge Works → The post [Video] How the FOX Grip2 Cartridge Works appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] Chasing Trial Ep. 27 Alex Volokhov

[Press release]†† – The road trip.†The act of considering the idea of ??escaping everyday life, exploring and experimenting with new horizons.†The 1919 km trip was not an exception.†I, Calvin Huth and Steve Shannon, were impatient to go out and explore … Continue reading [Video] Chasing Trial Ep. 27 Alex Volokhov → The post [Video] Chasing Trial Ep. 27 Alex Volokhov appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] Red Bull Pump Track World Championships 2019

Bigger, better and faster – season kickoff in Chile this week, the first qualifier in China, a return to the birthplace of #pumpforpeace in Lesotho, a national series announcement for South Africa – and thatís only the beginning. The post [Video] Red Bull Pump Track World Championships 2019 appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Tested] Continental Der Baron Projekt

“Der Baron Projekt” is Continental’s Enduro tire. Made in Germany, we tested it in the 29-inch configuration at a 2.4″ width, mounting it both front and rear on our Mondraker Foxy 29 with Mavic XA Pro Carbon wheels, which have … Continue reading [Tested] Continental Der Baron Projekt → The post [Tested] Continental Der Baron Projekt appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

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