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[Video] Richie Rude Smashing Squamish

Richie is a man of few words, so we’ll let his riding do the talking. Enjoy. Cheers, OneUp. “The Rude boy train is comin’ now” Desmond Dekker. Video and Photos: @PeterWojnar / Music: Rude Boy Train, Desmond Decker & Rude … Continue reading [Video] Richie Rude Smashing Squamish → The post [Video] Richie Rude Smashing Squamish appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] Short Film – Elemental

The elements air, fire, water, and earth exemplify aspects of nature, and represent facets of the human experiences of inspiration, creation, reflection, and grounding. These components can be a guide to our experiences of life, and are deeply connected to … Continue reading [Video] Short Film – Elemental → The post [Video] Short Film – Elemental appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] The Rise Partymaster Tour 2018 – Teaser

Montreal, Canada – November 15, 2018 – The Rise is proud to announce their upcoming Web Serie documenting the 2018 Partymaster Tour. Directed by Louis Lhomel, the serie follows 10 of the best Freestyle Mountain Biking athletes as they hit … Continue reading [Video] The Rise Partymaster Tour 2018 – Teaser → The post [Video] The Rise Partymaster Tour 2018 – Teaser appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] Game of BIKE with Danny Hart, Matt Walker and Alex Marin

It may be the off season, but competitive spirits are still running high on the Madison Saracen team… so we have a game of BIKE. But who will be the winner Credit: Saracen The post [Video] Game of BIKE with Danny Hart, Matt Walker and Alex Marin appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Video] How to Ride a Pump Track

MTB-Mag Editor Simon Silver gives some pointers on how to ride a pumptrack. The post [Video] How to Ride a Pump Track appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

[Tested] Giro Chamber II

We caught wind of the fact that Giro updated the Chamber right around Sea Otter, and got our hands, errrr feet on a set shortly thereafter. As the gravity oriented shoe was already successful in its first iteration, the updates were not … Continue reading [Tested] Giro Chamber II → The post [Tested] Giro Chamber II appeared first on MTB-MAG.COM. ...

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