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Helmets News:

Review: X-Tools Portable Bike Tools for Emergency Repairs

If you have a well maintained bike, you rarely need tools while out riding… but when something does go wrong having your essential tools handy makes up for the hundreds or thousands of kilometres that you have lugged them around. A portable tool kit for the bike usually includes a spare tube, puncture repair kit, […]...

Garmin Edge 520 Plus GPS Cycle Computer & Varia RTL510 Bike Radar Review

Garmin have fired the latest salvo in the compact GPS cycle computer wars with a major update of the highly capable Garmin 520 with the new Garmin Edge 520 Plus that adds in a host of features and full navigation/mapping capability for a mere $50 impost (RRP $449). And at the same time they have […]...

Australian Cyclists Uniting and Pushing for Genuine Cycling Safety

The Minimum Passing Distance law was adopted by all Australian states, excluding Victoria and the Northern Territory, to remove the ambiguity and provided clearer rules for motorists. While these changes were welcomed by cycling groups and bike riders, the results have been underwhelming and it is quickly becoming another missed opportunity for genuine change in […]...

Reid Granite 3.0 – The Budget All-Rounder

Find your way to work each day and then get lost on the weekend. Meet the new flagship bike in our popular All-Road family – the Reid Granite 3.0. This is the cleverly worded introduction from Reid Cycles which suggests that their new Granite 3.0 is the one bike to rule them all. You can […]...

The Mudguard Reinvented : Aussie BUTGARD hits Kickstarter

There a few different options for keeping dry on the bike, there are temporary mudguards, permanent mudguards, rain protective clothing and you can simply stay at home. Each have their merits and for road cyclists who also fancy a bit of commuting, the temporary ‘Ass Saver” style plastic (polypropylene) rain guards are a simple and […]...

The Taste Test – New CLIF Nut Butter Energy Bars

CLIF have expanded their tasty range of energy bars with a selection of three different flavoured of energy bars which each include the new nut butter filling. The obligatory disclaimer is that if you have nut allergies, then these are obviously not for you, the label warns, “Contains peanuts, may contain tree nuts, milk, wheat […]...

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