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Helmets News:

Battle of the Premium Bicycle Bells – In the Ring with Crane, knog and Spurcycle

If you could never justify spending more than $5 for a bike bell, then stop reading now. Our battle of the bike bells begins with the $29 Japanese Crane Suzu bell, but you can spend $60 for the new knog OI! Luxe and $65+ for the American made Spurcycle bell. Whether you have a premium […]...

btp Bartape in Review: Any Colour, Any Style and More

I was like a kid in a candy store, although the Australian version is better known as a milk bar. And the eye-candy in this case was bartape for the handlebars, a dazzling array of pretty colours and pretty designs which I had never seen before. There was also an air of mystique surrounding the […]...

FixN’Ride Jersey and Knicks in Review – Aussie Designed for Aussie Riding

Ever wonder exactly why they designed your jersey and knicks No, not who or where, but why It’s an interesting question and one I have often thought about when trying to get the perfect kit for me and for my style of riding. My new FixNRide kit has enabled me to actually ask a lot […]...

M2O Crew Plus Compression Socks in Review

I never thought that I’d need to check my cycling socks for ‘L’ or ‘R’ markings before putting them on. But with the M2O (Mountains to Ocean) ‘Crew Plus’ compression socks that I’d been provided with to test for Bicycles Network Australia, I did just that. Read on to find out what makes them better, […]...

Are Non-Genuine Oakley Replacement Sunglasses Lenses any Good?

Oakley sunglasses are great, but they can send you back a pretty penny. The new Oakley Flak 2.0 XLs with a ‘standard’ lens retails for about $200 but you can spent $400 on a Jawbreaker with a Prism lens and up to $600 for the Radarlock with two lenses (Pitch Prism). Most Oakley sunnies come […]...

Don’t Be Normal! Pas Normal Studios Cycling Kit Review

There is an air of mystery around PAS NORMAL STUDIOS who are one of the many shooting stars among the young cycling kit brands. The Danish brand borrows its name from the French term for ‘Not Normal’. This particular phase was reportedly used by Lance Armstrong to mock (fellow) dopers, now it is being ‘re-conditioned’ […]...

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