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The QUOC Gran Tourer Cycling Shoes for Bike Touring and Gravel Grinding

When QUOC launched their gorgeous Night lace-up road cycling shoes, the UK brand was like butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, they had evolved. Now QUOC are starting to unfurl their wings and take flight with the launch of their new Gran Tourer Gravel shoes which deliver adventure and functionality with style. The thing about QUOC […]...

Australian Cyclevision Helmet with Front + Rear Video Capture

Australian and international statistics* reveal that in bike and car collisions, the driver is at fault in a majority of cases. Even though a bicycle rider will always come off second best when they are hit but a car, if it goes to the police and court, it can still be ‘word against word‘. To […]...

Protest Bike Rides across Australia increases momentum against Mandatory Helmet Laws

Unless you have been hiding under a rock… or under your bike helmet, you have probably noticed that there is increasing opposition to the Mandatory Helmet Laws (MHL) which are enforced across Australian with the exception of the Northern Territory. In New South Wales you would be fined $319 for not wearing a helmet but […]...

Reinventing Bicycle Bells and Lights with the Palomar Lucetta and Nello

The unusual Lucetta bike lights and Nello bicycle bell will tickle the fancy of kids and riders who love a dash of style. Palomar are an interesting brand originating from Florence in Italy who have an unusual assortment of products which all reflect the concept of ‘space’. It means that space can be the stars […]...

Interview with Reid Cycles founder James Reid – Highs, Lows and International Expansion

Back in 2010, a little bike brand called Reid Cycle from Melbourne lit up on my radar. They were a young and creating a buzz among new bike buyers who wanted basic bikes that were better than supermarket bikes but more affordable than the brand-name bikes from the local bike store. Riding on the Fixie trend […]...

The Future of Aero: Swiss Side Hadron Wheels and Aeropod Launched

On BNA we have followed Swiss Side since their inception, founder Jean-Paul Ballard is Australian though his professional career in Formula 1 motorsport means that he calls Switzerland home. It is surprising how many drivers and team members in motor racing are keen cyclists – this connection was the catalyst for launching the Swiss Side […]...

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  • Tifosi Jet Eyewear

    Tifosi Jet Eyewear
    Tifosi Jet Eyewear. The streamlined shape of the Tifosi Jet Eyewear slices through the wind and shields your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Hydrophilic rubbe...(more)

    $39.99 More Details
  • Tifosi Core Eyewear

    Tifosi Core Eyewear
    Tifosi Core Eyewear. The contoured design of the Core cycling glasses is perfectly shaped for activity or casual wear. Full frame construction fits close to you...(more)

    $39.99 More Details
  • Optic Nerve Variant Glasses

    Optic Nerve Variant Glasses
    Optic Nerve Variant Glasses. On the surface this piece is all about style, but don't be fooled -- these sunglasses were carefully engineered to perform. TR90 fr...(more)

    $40.00 More Details
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