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Stig Broeckx completes first ride since life-threatening accident

Stig Broeckx is continuing his remarkable comeback from a serious head injury sustained as a result of a crash during the 2016 Tour of Belgium. Broeckx suffered a severe brain injury and bleeding on the brain afte a crash caused by pair of motorcycles that collided while attempting to pass the peloton. 19 riders were injured […]...

Vincenzo Nibali shows insane descending skills on gravel roads (video)

Few are more exciting and effective at turning the hair-raising downhill plummet into a place up on the podium than Vincenzo Nibali. The Italian took to a Merida gravel bike and put it through his paces down some farm dirt and gravel tracks of the San Baronto hill in Tuscany, riding at over 40km/h on single-track, olive groves and […]...

How to Protect Your Bike From Thieves

Thousands of bicycles are stolen every year in the world and in most cases the owners never get them back. However, you can take specific steps to prevent your bike from being victimized or increase the chance of seeing it again. Whether you’re a casual commuter or seasoned roadie, there are a number of steps […]...

No charges for cop who doored cyclist after parking in bike lane

A Toronto police officer who parked in a bike lane, opened his door directly into the path of an oncoming cyclist, knocking the cyclist to the ground and breaking his wrist, will not face charges. The police officer parked his car on a downtown street, on a bike lane, after pulling over a vehicle, but […]...

Geraint Thomas: Wiggins is looking for publicity for his new book

(AFP) — Geraint Thomas accused Bradley Wiggins of trying to drum up publicity with his controversial comments about Lance Armstrong. Former Tour winner and five-time Olympic champion Wiggins came under fire earlier this month after including the disgraced Armstrong in his new book, “Icons”. Wiggins, who retired from cycling in December 2016, also called Armstrong […]...

Julian Alaphilippe to start 2019 season in South America

Julian Alaphilippe will debut at Vuelta a San Juan, before making his second appearance at Tour Colombia. After a year that saw him grow in stature and capture no less than 12 victories, the 26-year-old Frenchman is already making plans for next year, despite being more than two months away from the start of a […]...

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