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Japanís amazing automated underground bike parking

Buried under the streets of Tokyo, a rare inside look at Japanís underground bicycle storage system looks more like a scene from a sci-fi movie than parking storage. Rather than using a ramp for you to ride down, as with an underground car park, you place your bike into an automated booth, which transports it […]...

Watch: Mountain biker rides down terrifying trail in hair-raising video

The Italian Alps are famous for mountaineering and technical hikes. You never go walking in the Dolomites without your harnesses and ropes. However,† pro enduro rider Kilian Bron recently rode down a via ferrata.†This eye-popping video follows Bron through the Italian Alps as he jumps, twists, and rips down a trail thatís inches from a […]...

The Worldís 7 Most Expensive Road Bikes

Cycling lovers will all agree that money spent on your precious bike is always money well spent. We all aspire to have lighter, faster, smoother, slicker rides. However, we generally hit a ceiling when it comes to what our bank balances will actually allow.† But letís pretend for a second that money is no object, […]...

Micro-blood doping can improve performance and is almost undetectable, says study

For more than two decades, 50 was a kind of magic figure for cyclists. That is the maximum threshold for hematocrit, the percentage of oxygen-carrying red-blood cells that can be found coursing through human vessels without external help. Recently, Danish researchers have published a study which†reveals that a small blood transfusion of only 135 ml […]...

CCC brings orange back to the WorldTour after taking over from BMC

Orange will be back in the WorldTour peloton next season as CCC unveiled its 2019 kit, retaining its distinctive orange look in a simple yet stylish new jersey.† The kit is made by Exteondo, which provides a great sense of balance considering the Basque brand produced the orange kits of†Euskadi-Euskaltel for most of its tenure. […]...

Steve Carell hit by fanís car while riding his bike

Steve Carell was left shaken up after a car hit him while he was out riding his bike. The actor told the story while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and before you begin to worry, the†star from The Office†is totally fine. He even joked about the incident with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. “I […]...

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