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Sky Reaches The End of the Road

Sky has announced it is pulling out of sponsorship of the pro team and 2019 will be the last year for the UK media firm in the peloton. Now the team faces a race to secure funding for 2020 with realistically only months to do this. It’s yours for 35 million a year. First remember […]...

Highlights of 2018: Part IV

In the fourth of five picks, here’s La Course which provided action, attacks and a twist in the final. So much of the coverage of women’s racing is about the coverage of women’s racing. Heaven knows there are problems but it’s important to remember it’s a sport too and for once here was a race […]...

Wednesday Shorts

There’s a big UCI gathering in Montreux, Switzerland at the moment and the seminars are reviewing the state of pro cycling, yesterday was for women’s cycling, today it’s the men’s side. There’s little news so far, official or leaked but one item is the extension of the video commissaire to all World Tour races according […]...

Roads to Ride: Yamabushi Pass

As part of the series looking at roads featuring in major races, here’s a look at Yamabushi pass. Neither household name, nor familiar in the peloton, this is the first major climb of the 2020 Olympic road races and an ideal day’s ride out of Tokyo too. The Route: National Route 413 starts just outside […]...

Housekeeping Note

A few tech problems with the website at the moment so it’s readable but just, especially if you’re browsing via a desktop computer or big screen. It’ll be on and off this weekend as the mechanics get to work, hopefully with a tweak of a torque wrench rather than the hammer....

Book Review: The Road Book

The Road Book, edited by Ned Boulting This is a yearbook of the 2018 pro cycling season which contains the results of every race, listings of all the teams, their riders and more including some essays from guest writers and statistical and data nuggets. It’s an analogue effort in a digital age, a luxury good […]...

SKU-FWLXXXXXXX-11104249 Shimano 18 tooth freewheel for 1/2

Shimano 18 tooth freewheel for 1/2"x1/8" - FWLXXXXXXX-11104249 by Shimano

Item description: This Other Wheels product is by Shimano - Shimano freewheels for standard threaded hubs, for use with 1/2" x 1/8" chains.Color: BlackWeight: 0gIntended Use: BMXCassette Body Type: Threaded StandardFreewheel Teeth: 18teethFreewheel Thread: EnglishChain Compatibility: 1/2" x 1/8"... Learn More

Manufacturer: Shimano

Keywords: Freehubs

Store: Bikewagon is one of the biggest bike retailers on the Web, with tens of thousands of current-line and clearance bikes, bike parts, and accessories for sale. Whether customers are new to cycling, just want to fix up an old bike, or are seasoned enthusiasts, Bikewagon has the friendly service, amazing prices, and helpful content to take the intimidation out of shopping for bikes and gear.

Category: Wheels


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