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Thursday Shorts

La Gazzetta Dello Sport reports that Ecopetrol could be the sponsor to replace Sky, that it could lead a collection of Colombian firms who would take over and turn Team Sky into a Colombian vehicle. It’s an oxymoronic name for a firm but as a Twitter correspondent explains it comes from Empresa COlombiana de PETROLeos or […]...

The Wealthiest People in Pro Cycling, Part II

A professor once joked that the exams for his university course always had the same questions, the difficulty for him and the students alike was that the answers kept changing. The story of the wealthy people in cycling is similar, many of same types remain, it’s just their fortunes vary. Following the team owners in […]...

Tuesday Shorts

A look at a few stories in and around the sport… Mario Cipollini has used his Instagram account to call on Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini to help launch an Italian World Tour team and the post got copy-pasted written up in La Gazzetta Dello Sport too. “Cipo” has a point because Italy has […]...

Film Review: Wonderful Losers

There’s usually only one winner each day in a race and only a few contenders meaning most of the peloton have a different job to do. Their daily self-sacrifice is the basis for this film. Is this a cycling film Part of the wonder of the film is that attempting to answer this leads us […]...

The Wealthiest People in Pro Cycling

Forget Peter Sagan and his reported €6 million a year salary, this is about those who are so wealthy they’re not salaried. The aim here isn’t to gawk at their cash but to observe where much of the money in the sport comes from and where these people want to go with their investments. In […]...

UCI Rankings Explained

Peter Sagan pictured on his way to winning the green jersey… and an extra 120 UCI points. With team licences for 2020-2022 partially dependent on UCI rankings, points aren’t quite back in fashion but they’re bound to influence targets and tactics this season. What’s better, wining the Tour Down Under or placing fourth in the […]...

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