Which Is The Best Motorcycle Half Helmet To Purchase Today?

Motorcycle Half Helmet ReviewsThere is always an element of risk on the roads and unfortunately motorcyclists are amongst the high risk individuals on the road today. Why is this? Well, motorcyclists are at greater risk simply because of the vehicles they travel in. Unlike cars, there is nothing to take the impact of a moving vehicle or indeed the road with a motorcycle; it’s only the driver which usually and very unfortunately takes the brunt of the impact. This means they could be seriously hurt.

Spinal and head injuries are amongst the highest recorded injuries for motorcyclists and while many manage to escape serious injury, thousands do not. That is why it has become necessary to ensure the driver’s are kept safe with motorcycle helmets. However, what do the helmets do?

Helmets are supposed to talk the impact during an accident rather than the head. They really should take the brunt of the blow so that only minor head injuries are occurred; some helmets are made strong so that the head is fully protected and isn’t damaged during accidents which are fantastic. However, some say helmets won’t really protect against a bad accident and in a sense that’s true. Helmets won’t stop a person from being hurt but they may be able to reduce the overall damage to the skull and head.

Half helmets are very much the same as full face with the exception they don’t have a face guard and lower cheek and chin outer shell. Does that mean to say they won’t protect you? Well, yes and no. Depending on how tough and strong the helmets are made, they can offer a fair amount of protection. These helmets were first made popular in the UK during the 1960’s and still have a place in motorcyclists’ hearts worldwide. Eye protection can still be given as a drop-down visor can be added or goggles worn. Read on and find the best motorcycle half helmet review.

Top Motorcycle Half Helmet Reviews

 AFX FX-76 Unisex-Adult Half Size Helmet

When it comes to choosing a half helmet, a lot of people get confused as to what they should be looking for. It’s not hard to see why most riders get a little confused as there are so many options to consider and a lot of information circling too. However, one of the top quality helmets has to be the AFX FX-76 unisex-adult half size helmet.

Now, the AFX is truly a lovely half helmet and it reminds most of a very retro 60’s feel which is perfect. If you are someone who wants a more retro feel, this is the one for you and it’s really quite appealing. This is certainly a helmet you will love as it’s very nicely designed and offers a lot of quality from start to finish.

However, the construction of the helmet is very impressive to say the least. There is a lovely aerodynamic shell which also uses advanced fiberglass and reinforced plastic. This absolutely appeals to most users simply because it helps to ensure protection and great strength. You will love how comfortable it feels to wear too.


Bell Rogue Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

For thousands, they absolutely enjoy using the best half helmets and it’s not hard to see why. With the best, you can feel more at ease whilst on the road and you also feel safer too. So, which helmet is the best? Well, that’s hard to say but there are a few that offers so much quality including the Bell Rogue Unisex-adult half street helmet.

The Bell Rogue is quite a modern designed helmet with style in mind. You might not think too much about style but in truth, it’s quite important. This helmet certainly offers a nice appeal since it’s very simple but elegant. You might think simplicity isn’t what riders want but in truth it’s what they need and want too! You don’t have to have a fancy designed half helmet, you want one to protect your head and this will do a lot.

The half helmet is DOT certified which is very important as it means it offers good protection for the head and if you’re in an accident, it will help. The interior lining is washable which is great and it of course can also be removed for easy cleaning. The lining is also very durable and that’s great as it means it’ll last a very long time. This is also lightweight which is very important for most riders.


Bell Pit Boss Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

For those who want a top quality half helmet, they may want to think about the Bell. Bell is a big name in terms of motorcycle equipment and their Bell Pit Boss unisex-adult half street helmet is truly an amazing option. This not only looks its best but stands out for all the right reasons. You are just going to love how this helmet looks and it will offer great safety too.

Something which is often forgotten about has to be DOT certified. Now, for most, they won’t really think too much about this or think its necessary however, if you’re buying a half helmet, it must be DOT certified. This is very important and something every helmet should have. This basically means the helmet meets certain safety standards and that’s crucial.

However, in terms of costs, you are getting a fairly impressive deal here and it’s also lightweight. This is quite important as it means the helmet isn’t too heavy on your shoulders. Users will find it’s a lot easier to carry around during a ride than ever before. The outer shell is strong and very durable and this will last a lifetime too.


Bell Mag-9 Unisex-Adult Open Face Street Helmet

Another top quality option to consider would have to be the Bell. The Bell Mag-9 unisex-adult open face street helmet is truly wonderful. This is a beautiful helmet and something that most will enjoy using too. The half helmet is an open face design which means that it comes with a drop-down visor. However, this still offers all the comfort and safety you will need and it’s also DOT certified.

Again, DOT is an important factor to look for when buying a helmet and this does ensure safety so that’s what every user wants and needs. The lovely titanium finish is very much appealing and it makes it look very modern. This is also very lightweight which is great.

The lightweight polycarbonate ABS shield construction is truly a nice feature and the drop-down sunshield/visor is great. You will love how comfortable this feels and you can easily add a Bluetooth feature. The Bell Mag-9 does look amazing and very modern too.


HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet


The HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet has to be amongst the very best motorcycle half helmets available today. This not only comes with a lovely design but the finish is also high-end and very professional. Anyone who enjoys taking their motorcycle out will love to wear this half helmet and there is so much quality on offer.

However, this is DOT approved which is very important and the drop-down visor is very appealing too. Slipping this on and off won’t be an issue and there is a lot of protection to be had from this helmet as well. It is very modernly designed with a very simple style which is really quite good as it’s great for anyone.

The costs are fairly good too which is important for most buyers. There is the anti-fog face shield which is truly an important feature for most. However, the helmet is very nice no matter what type of style you enjoy or want. You will find this is a high quality helmet and one that offers everything you’d need and more.


Best Motorcycle Half Helmet For the Money

When you have money worries then you have to be a little wise as to how you spend your money. You need to ensure everything you buy is the best otherwise you’re wasting it. When it comes to motorcycle helmets a lot aren’t really sure which options are for them, so what is the best motorcycle half helmet for the money?

There are several major options to consider but one half helmet that stands out from the crowd has to be the Nolan Super cruise helmet. Now, this is really going back to basics in terms of protection but it’s still just as strong and durable as ever before. You will be able to get a great price and there is a lot of quality to come with the helmet too.

The adjustable strap is a nice addition to say the least. This strap will allow you to get a comfortable and snug fit without putting too much pressure or strain onto your neck or chin areas. That is great and very appealing too. However, this isn’t going to cost a lot of money as it’s very much affordable and impressive.

There is just so much on offer with the Nolan and it will appeal to experienced riders and to the less experienced riders also. When you get out onto the open road, this will be the helmet you use and it’s adorable and very reasonably priced!


Best Cheap Motorcycle Half Helmet

Sometimes, it’s not easy to wear a full face helmet. For some they find it a little uncomfortable and for others, they feel as though they can’t breathe. It’s quite understandable which is why the half helmet is a useful tool. However, which helmet is the right one? Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune as there are many greatly priced helmets available.

The best cheap motorcycle half helmet may just be the Sniper M14 half helmet with retractable shield. Now, as soon as you see this, you will just love it and while it’s a half helmet, it still offers a lot of protection for your head. That is really very important to remember because a lot of people are put off the design. However, half helmets still are able to offer a lot of protection so keep that in mind.

The black matte finish is very appealing and it looks sleek and elegant as well. However, you are going to get a fair price for this and that is great if you can’t afford to spend big. The helmet comes with a high impact resistant thermoplastic outer shell. This basically means the outer layer of the helmet is strong and very durable so when it impacts the ground, your head will be far more protected than without it.

There is also the built-in retractable clear shield which is great. You are able to get clear vision whilst on the roads and you will enjoy how amazing the helmet looks. For being a half helmet there is a lot of quality on offer and that’s surprising. However, the quick release strap retention system is useful and there is plenty of ventilation on offer too.


Helmets Are Necessary

Helmets remain one of the most crucial elements for motorcyclists everywhere. Without adequate protection, you could end up seriously hurt. Half helmets may not appear to offer that level of safety but they are still just as good. You will be able to keep your head protected and hopefully avoid serious injury during a fall or accident. That is why buying the best motorcycle half helmet is important and it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision either. Take care on the road and stay protected.