Which Is The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

Modular Helmets Reviews

Newcomers to the motorcycle field often get a little confused with modular motorcycle helmets. Many mistake them for full face helmets but in reality they are a mix, a cross between a full face and an open helmet. A lot of the time, they are mistaken for half helmets and they work very much the same too. So what is a modular helmet?

This hybrid is quite impressive as it offers a flip-up feature which means the frontal face shield or visor as it’s also known as, can be flipped up by the wearer. Sometimes, people call these helmets convertibles and they are a two-in-one helmet in a sense. If you were to use a modular helmet and have the chin bar down then you would say this is very much a full face helmet since there is a chin bar. However, this can be flipped upwards offering a more relaxed feel.

The flip-up feature really offers riders more convenience when they are drinking or talking to someone at the side of the road. The helmet doesn’t have to be fully removed so it’s a lot more convenient than a full face or half helmet. However, while the modular helmets are technically hybrids, the designers really wanted the full face effect and that the flip-up chin bar was to offer something extra after riding. A lot of people leave the chin bar up whilst riding however.

What is the best modular motorcycle helmet? It’s not hard to find the best rated modular motorcycle helmets; you have many to choose from. If you are interested in finding the best, why not read on and find the best modular motorcycle helmet review.

Top 5 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

LS2 Helmets FF386 A Modular Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to finding the best, you can often find you have a wide variety of options to consider. However, does that mean to say you can’t find the best? Well, no it doesn’t but it might be a little more challenging depending on your patience level. There are one or two helmets that look great and offer so much quality including the LS2 Helmets FF386 a modular motorcycle helmet.

The LS2 not only offers a high quality feel but looks amazing. The flip-up chin bar offers great versatility and it’s handy when you aren’t on your bike and want to take to someone or take a drink. You don’t have to remove the helmet to talk to someone which is perfect. When you’re out on the road you can put the chin bar down and go riding again in safety.

The blue finishing is very nice and it’s striking too. There is a good sunshield as well as an outer visor so your eyes will be fully protected from start to finish. The helmet is lightweight and very aerodynamic too. The ventilation from the helmet is quite impressive and the helmet is soft and comfortable to wear.


Scorpion EXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet

You might be a little unsure as to what you’re looking for in terms of flip-up or modular helmets but there are a few that really stands out including the Scorpion. The Scorpion EXO unisex-adult modular/flip up adventure touring motorcycle helmet is truly a lovely helmet and one that offers real quality. You will find this helmet to offer a nice design and an easy flip-up system as well.

However, in terms of costs, you’re getting a fairly impressive deal and it offers real quality. The EXO truly is a great motorcycle helmet and it comes with a great over-sized eye port too. You might not think too much about an eye port but it does help to increase the visibility. This is something you will enjoy and it’s very enjoyable too.

The helmet offers a lovely advanced LG polycarbonate shell which makes this extremely strong and highly durable too. This will last a lifetime and you are going to find it’s comfortable and easy to slip on and off. The lift-up visor is good and the ventilation system is impressive to say the least. The no fog face shield is great and will stay clear too.


Scorpion EXO EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet

Searching for the best modular motorcycle helmet can be a little troublesome and for most, they absolutely hate it simply because it’s a tough task. However you really don’t need to find it’s a tough task not if you know a few options to consider. One of the very best helmets to consider must be the Scorpion EXO EXO-GT920 Full face modular helmet.

This helmet looks amazing and very appealing no matter who you are or what you want. The Scorpion comes with a very simple design and while you might not be too overly impressed, it’s still very lovely. The simple design makes this an appealing feature as it’s subtle and suitable for anyone. The simple finishing to the helmet is great too and the visor offers great visibility.

If you want a nice and affordable helmet you will find the Scorpion EXO-GT920 to be a great addition. The helmet can be worn for any occasion and it is strong. You will be able to wear the helmet over and over without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. The costs are very much affordable and the interior can be washed as well.


LS2 Helmets Strobe Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

Another top helmet to consider would have to be the LS2 helmets strobe solid modular motorcycle helmet with sunshield. If you want a top quality helmet, this will certainly be the one to appeal to you and it certainly offers everything you would need and more. The flip-up section is incredibly easy to use and it’s quite comfortable to wear as well.

However, the sunshield is a great feature and the pull-down visor is also very impressive. You are truly going to find the modular helmet to be vastly appealing and easy to wear. When the helmet slips on your head, you will find this to be extremely comfortable to wear which is what all users want. However, it isn’t too costly which is perfect as most don’t have a lot of money to spend.

The helmet is extremely lightweight and it’s quite aerodynamic too which is amazing. However, the helmet does come with a nice HTPP composite helmet shell so that keeps the wind off your face. Also, you can feel quite comfortable when this is on your head. It isn’t too heavy to wear even on longer journeys.


HJC RPHA-MAX Align Modular Motorcycle Helmet

For those who want a great motorcycle helmet, the HJC RPHA-MAX align modular motorcycle helmet has to be a top helmet to look into. Now, as soon as you see this helmet you will love it as it’s very simply designed but that is a great thing. You might think the helmet must be fancy or over the top but that really isn’t the case as you need one that protects your head. This is certainly something you want to consider.

The HJC truly offers a nice flip-up feature that is easy to use and quite versatile too. The black matte finish is really nice and the helmet is comfortable to wear. You don’t have to use this for only short periods of time to enjoy using this helmet. The helmet is easy to wear and very comfy for prolonged journeys.

The interior of the helmet is very nice and soft so it will offer everything you need and want. Also, the two stage shield offers great versatility. There are going to be many who will enjoy the fog resistance shield and you will find this is a great helmet to wear. It is also very affordable and extremely comfortable as well.


What Is The Best Lightweight Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

When it comes to choosing a modular motorcycle helmet you must look at several elements including it being lightweight. Now, lightweight might not seem very important but it certainly can be an impressive and very important feature. If you don’t get a lightweight helmet then you might feel uncomfortable and extremely weighed down by it also. However, you can get the best lightweight modular motorcycle helmet and one amazing option has to be the TORC T27 full face modular helmet with integrated Blinc Bluetooth.

This is truly a lovely modular helmet and while this can be a great full face helmet, you can lift the chin bar up and get more breathing space when you aren’t driving. That is a great feature and you will love how this feels too. You won’t feel weighed down by the helmet and you will be able to use the flip-up feature with ease.

However, the T27 is truly a high quality helmet and this is DOT and ECE certified too which is amazing. Also, the interior is soft and there is a one button release mechanism. You will absolutely enjoy using the helmet and there is a lot of quality to be had too. This is certainly the helmet with a lot of potential.


What Is The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet For The Money?

You want to find the best modular motorcycle helmet for the money but do you know where to start your search? Don’t worry if you don’t, there are most in the same boat as you which can be extremely frustrating. However, you probably want best value for money and that isn’t as difficult to get as you might think. There are many great helmets to consider including the AVE parts and accessories Adventure modular helmet with Bluetooth.

Now, this helmet is amazing and it also comes with Bluetooth which is fantastic. However, will you be able to get the best value for money? Well, yes you can and the great thing is, this comes with a fantastic and affordable price. You are going to be able to get great versatility with the helmet and the flip-up feature is easy to work with.

This helmet is quite light and that is something you want to think about. You will be able to get a nice and very comfy helmet. The integrated Bluetooth feature is amazing and this is also DOT and ECE approved. The interior lining can be removed and wash to freshen up the lining.


What Is The Best Cheap Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

Ave A-20 Atom modular flip-up motorcycle helmet with integrated Bluetooth and drop down sun visor is truly a great helmet to work with. If you want the best cheap modular motorcycle helmet this will appeal to you and it’s very high quality nonetheless. You aren’t getting a cheap helmet in terms of quality but rather in price and that is perfect.

The flip-up feature is incredibly easy to use and it will make it a lot easier when you want to talk to someone when you get off the bike or take a rest and drink. However, you are really getting an affordable cost and it’s comfortable to wear the helmet for prolonged periods of time which is even better. The Bluetooth feature is great too.

The polyester inner fabric can be removed and also washed which is great to fresh things up. The visor is also very easy to use and this comes with UV protection. The anti-fog and anti-scratch feature to the visor is great. This is truly a helmet to enjoy and it will be one you enjoy time and time again.


Should You Choose A Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

You know, motorcycle helmets are very important and yet there are many who say they don’t really think full face helmets are necessary or in fact any helmet is. That really isn’t the case and while you may not like the full face effect, you still have the modular motorcycle helmets to choose from. These offer more convenience and make it far easier for you to breathe and feel at ease whilst wearing the helmet.

Modular motorcycle helmets really may mean the difference between life and death. Only use the best modular motorcycle helmet. It may save your life.