What Is The Best Looking Motorcycle Helmet?

Best Looking Helmet

Surprisingly, motorcycle helmets have been around ever since 1914 and yet it is only within the last few decades in which riders used them. It might seem very strange to hear that because they were actually compulsory but still there were thousands of motorcyclist who never wore a helmet. It might not seem overly necessary to wear one especially since you don’t plan to have an accident and while you hope that is the case, you might not always be lucky.

Did you know, motorcyclists were more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident and were more than likely to be killed? The trouble is that other vehicles on the road have a solid frame built around the driver and passengers so they have some element of protection but motorcyclists don’t. That is why it’s wise to look into helmets.

Motorcycle helmets can in fact help protect your life by reducing or preventing a damaging blow to the head during an accident. Users can still be hurt depending on the severity of the accident and impact but the damage can be reduced significantly. It is wise to look into investing in a motorcycle helmet and if you read on you can find the best looking motorcycle helmet reviews.

Top 5 Great Looking Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Scorpion EXO-R410 Bushido Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to finding the best looking motorcycle helmet you will find the Scorpion EXO-R410 Bushido motorcycle helmet to be an appealing option. Now, for most, they will absolutely love the amazing design to the back of the helmet. You are just going to enjoy the helmet and this has to be one of the very best looking helmets to enjoy.

The devil design with the additional detailing is extremely appealing and super lovely too. However, putting the design and style to one side, you are getting a very nice and secure helmet. This is also DOT approved and this does come with a great price as well. You are just going to adore the helmet and it’s one to offer everything you need and more.

The cheek pads are soft and super easy to work with too. The ever clear no fog face shield is extremely impressive and the polycarbonate shell is amazing. You will love how much safety and protection this provides and it’s really impressive. If you want a useful and very impressive helmet and one that looks fantastic, the Scorpion EXO-R410 will be the one for you.


Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

When you first see the Bell Qualifier unisex-adult full face street helmet you will love it. The looks are truly impressive and this has to be one of the best looking helmets too. However, in terms of quality you are going to find it’s very nice and at the top end of the scale. The costs are fairly good too and you will love how easy it is to slip on and off.

You are getting great versatility with this helmet and it comes with a lovely ABS shell construction and it’s also lightweight. This is certainly a helmet you will enjoy wearing and in all honesty it isn’t too heavy on your head or shoulders when wearing this on longer journeys. The interior is very soft and the lining can be removed and washed also.

However, you get great protection for the ears and cheeks and the chin is also safe with the helmet. There is a lot quality on offer and the anti-fog shield is great. The helmet also offers great US protection and the helmet is comfortable to wear.


LS2 Helmets Strobe Civik Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

There are many great motorcycle helmets to choose from and if you want to find the very best looking one, you may want to look into the LS2 Helmets. The LS2 Helmets strobe civik modular motorcycle helmet with sunshield is truly a lovely looking helmet and this is one you will love to wear time and time again. However, there is a lot of quality on offer and it’s quite nice to look at also.

The Civik comes with a lightweight and very aerodynamic composite shell which is amazing. The helmet is going to be extremely strong and tough and this will last a lifetime. You can feel at ease when you wear this and it helps to keep the wind from your face. It’s comfortable to wear and very light too which is very impressive to say the least.

However, the built in twin shield system drop down sun shield is amazing and it helps to keep the sun off your eyes perfectly. There is plenty of ventilation on offer and it will help to keep the heat off your head and cool. The liner is also removable which means the lining can be washed. This is also DOT approved.


Shark RAW Blank Helmet

For those searching for the very best looking helmet, they will utterly love the Shark RAW blank helmet. The Shark does look amazing and very unique. The helmet does come with a modern feel though and it is something that keeps you safe and secure at all times. The unique shaping to the front facial chin is superb and the easy to clip strap is fantastic.

The finish is subtle and very appealing. You might think the subtle approach is a waste of time but in actual fact it’s perfect. Also, you will find this is an affordable helmet for you to enjoy. If you want a top quality helmet that has lots of looks, this will be it. It’s very alluring and there is an elegance to it that draws you in.

However, the design comes with a Street Fighter theme which is not too bad. The goggle release system is easy to work and the helmet is extremely lightweight. The lightweight feature should make the helmet easy to wear even on a longer journey. That is something you will love and enjoy fully too.


Scorpion EXO Unisex Adult Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet EXO-AT950

Another top quality option when it comes to motorcycle helmets has to be the Scorpion EXO Unisex Adult Modular/Flip up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet EXO-AT950. Now, when you first see this, you will think it’s very simple and yet it’s elegant and very sleek too. You might not give a lot of thought over this but it’s really quite appealing.

When it comes to looks, you will adore this Scorpion and the flip-up design is lovely. This is certainly going to appeal to most and it really looks its best too. In terms of cost, you are going to find the helmet is very impressive. That is something to remember and of course, you will want to look into saving a little money also.

The advanced LG polycarbonate shell is extremely versatile and the dual density EPS is great too. However, the no fog face shield is amazing and the over sized eye port is nice. This is something that will offer more vision whilst out on the road.


The Best Looking Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC FG-17 Mamba full face motorcycle helmet is amongst the very best helmets available today and if you want the best looking full face motorcycle helmet this will be it. However, it really does look stunning and there is a certain quality about it that draws you in. the mamba snake design is unusual to say the least but striking! If you aren’t a fan of snakes then you might be a little wary of this but it’s still quite nice.

The advanced Kevlar and fiberglass shell is amazing. You will find the helmet is extremely lightweight and that is very useful indeed. Lighter helmets make it far easier to use and more comfortable too. Even if you want to take this off and carry to your home, you won’t find it’s too weighty; also when you wear this for longer periods, you’ll find it comfortable too. The costs are fairly good and the unique detailing to the helmet is great.

The visor is fog resistant and it’s also anti-scratch too which is perfect. You know the helmet will last a very long time and it’s not hard to see why. It handles a lot without compromising quality and it’s so important. Also, this helmet is quite lovely in terms of design and styling.


The Best Looking Helmet for Harley

When you own a Harley, the helmets aren’t really like many other motorcycle helmets. However, does that mean to say you can’t still get a great quality item well that isn’t the case. If you want the best looking helmet for Harley you are going to enjoy the Bell. The Bell Rogue Open face Harley cruiser motorcycle helmet is really an appealing helmet and one you will just love to get your hands on.

However, the helmet offers a great high quality feel and you will find the costs are fairly good too. The design of the helmet is nice and the styling looks amazing. This is an open face helmet but there is still plenty of comfort and safety on show. The frontal facial mask might seem a little strange but again, it offers something extra.

The air flow and ventilation is extremely impressive and this is great with any Harley. You are going to be able to get great protection from this helmet and it’s going to offer great value for money too. That is something you will love and it’s really affordable so that’s perfect.


The Best Looking Motorcycle Helmet for the Money

Scorpion EXO-T1200 freeway street motorcycle helmet is one of the very best helmets available today. This is one of the very best looking helmets and if you want the best looking motorcycle helmet for the money you will love the EXO-T1200. You are going to love the overall look simply because it offers a subtle feel and that’s nice.

In terms of looks, you will love how this one fairs. It’s subtle and pretty simple and yet there is a real elegance to it and its sleek. This will be something you absolutely enjoy and the black matte finish is truly nice. You are going to find the helmet to be extremely versatile and the visor is lovely. This street helmet will provide you with enough protection and safety.

However, you are getting a fairly impressive and affordable cost and there is plenty of ventilation on offer too. The air fit liner inflation system is amazing as it offers a great cheek pad system for extra comfort. However, the EPS ensures more safety and the thermodynamic composite technology is very impressive too.


The Best Budget Looking Motorcycle Helmet

If you want the very best budget looking motorcycle helmet, you will love the HJC IS-MAX II Elemental modular motorcycle helmet. Now, when you think this looks like a budget helmet, don’t panic too much as it doesn’t look cheap; it’s very impressive to say the least. You will love the IS-MAX II and its very smart looking. The overall look of the helmet is very nice and simple.

The blue and black finishing is very appealing and the modular design is very good as well. You will be able to get a good looking helmet and the flip-up feature is easy to use too. The helmet is comfortable to wear and super easy to slip on and off too. The CAD Technology is vastly appealing and you know this will be strong and very reliable no matter where you plan to travel to.

The ACS is amazing. The advanced channeling ventilation system is very nice and super easy to work with. You get sufficient air flow and you will stay cool and refreshed at all times too. The shield replacement system is nice and the visor is easy to maintain and keep clean too. However, the overall costs are fairly impressive which should appeal to most.


Are Looks That Important?

Two things every motorcyclist should look for when buying a new motorcycle helmet – appearance and quality. While most will say appearance doesn’t really matter, it can simply because you are the one wearing the helmet in public and you want to feel secure in the way you look. While looks are important when buying a helmet, so too is the quality of the helmet.

You should only ever buy and use a motorcycle helmet that offers top-class quality otherwise you could be in trouble. If you were to have an accident, your head may be exposed and it could end up costing you everything. Protect your head and yourself with a good motorcycle helmet.