What Is The Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500?

Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Reviwes

Hybrid bikes – they have really taken off in recent years and it’s quite easy to understand why that is. Have you seen a hybrid? No? Well, they can resemble a standard bicycle with the exception that they often come with flat or straight handlebars and an upright sitting position. This is really quite a nifty feature and while you might think you’re looking at a mountain bike think again.

That is one reason why the hybrids are so greatly appreciated and loved because they offer elements of a mountain bike as well as a road and touring bicycle. You are going to find the hybrid looks and feels very smooth and like a whole new bike. There is just something special about the hybrids that make you want to know more. They are beautiful however and they’re quite diverse as well which makes them even better.

Some of the designs can come in the form of a city bike as well as a commuter bike and they really add something extra to the cyclist’s ride. Hybrids however have technically been around for many years and yet it is only within the last decade or two that they have been widely sold and recognized. Within the last two or three years, there has seen a big upsurge in the amount of users with these which is amazing.

Top 8 Hybrid Bikes under $500 Reviews

The Mongoose Men’s Banish 2.0 Hybrid Bike

When it comes to finding the very best hybrids, there are a few that really standout including the Mongoose men’s Banish 2.0 hybrid bike. The Mongoose not only looks beautiful but offers this excellent quality that is so easy to see. Whether you want a high quality feel or just a reliable hybrid, the Mongoose has it all on offer. You are going to love using this bike.

However, the aluminum frame is very well designed and quite light too which is excellent. You might not think too much about the weight of a bike frame but it can be quite important. Having a heavy frame can be a little tricky to work with so it’s nice to see this one. The white and blue finishing to the frame is great and the eighteen inch frame is great for those not overly tall but not too short either.

The black alloy wheels are strong and sport twenty nine inches – that’s amazing. Also, you are going to find the wheels are able to handle a lot of tough road conditions whether it’s city streets or off-road terrain. There are the 21-speed features with the front and rear disc brakes too. The bicycle is very comfortable to ride on and the upright position makes this vastly comfortable.


The Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike

If you want a top quality item, you must look into the Giordano RS700 Hybrid bike. This hybrid not only looks good but showcases all it has to offer. Anyone who wants a top quality hybrid will enjoy this and it really is a superb bike. There is a very nice design on offer and the strength of the bike is really good too which is even better.

However, you are getting very good costs which is surprising but it’s really a nice surprise. There is also the lovely red and white finish to the frame and it’s lovely. This really offers a sportier feel to it and that’s what users really want. You are going to love the look of the bike and the tires and wheels are strong and very reliable too.

The aluminum frame is very nice indeed and the steel fork is vastly impressive. If you want a strong hybrid, the Giordano is really it. However, there is a lot on offer here and there is so much you just don’t see either. There is such a lovely flat handlebar design that offers more comfort for users and the seat is comfy as well. The 700c wheels are strong too.


Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

There are many great hybrid bikes to consider and for most, they do struggle to make a choice. However there is no right or wrong when it comes to hybrids as they really all offer something very unique and special. One of the most amazing bikes has to be the Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 complete hybrid bike. The Diamondback looks amazing and really keeps you wanting more.

For those who are looking for a more affordable hybrid, the Diamondback is able to offer an excellent price. Also, there is a lovely deep purple/blue finish to the bike which is great. You are going to love that design and style even if you use this on a day-to-day basis or once every few weeks. This is certainly a hybrid to enjoy and there is so much it has to offer too.

The aluminum alloy frame might not look overly impressive but there is a lot of quality on show. Also, the frame is highly durable which makes it strong and very reliable so you don’t have to worry about it giving way whilst you’re using it. The alloy straight baled fork is going to add something extra to the handling and the Shimano 21-speed drive train is lovely.


SIXTHREEZERO EVRY Journey Women’s 26-Inch 7-Speed Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bicycle

For most people, they can have a lot of issues when getting on and off a bike and it’s quite troubling. It is also very embarrassing for many men and women who can’t really dismount or mount without some help. However, it can put them off cycling but there is no need anymore. The SIXTHREEZERO EVRY Journey women’s 26-inch 7-speed step-through touring hybrid bicycle is really a top quality option and one of the very best available today.

Why is the EVRY Journey so loved? Well, it’s down to the fact that the bicycle comes with a low stooping frame or the step-through frame as they call it. That is just an impressive and very wonderful feature to say the least. The frame is able to offer an easier way for users to get on and off the bike and its lovely too. The blue finish to the frame and lovely and the brown finish to the handlebars and seat are perfect.

Anyone will enjoy using the hybrid. It offers a relaxed seating position and an upright one too which means you can enjoy cycling in a more productive and comfier way. There is no need to add any additional pressure to the back. The overall costs are fairly impressive and the hybrid doesn’t require a lot of maintenance either. However, the rear rack is a lovely addition.


Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood Hybrid Bike

Anyone who enjoys cycling will absolutely love what the Diamondback Bicycles has to offer. When you get a Diamondback you know there is real quality on show and with their Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood hybrid bike you are really getting a wonderful item. This hybrid not only looks good but stands out from the crowd. There is elegance and a sleekness element about it which brings out the best in the hybrid.

However, if you want a more affordable bike, this is it. It does offer such a wonderful price and the light sky blue finishing to the frame is lovely. That really helps to make this bike appeal to users everywhere and it’s also fairly light which is great. You won’t have to worry about carrying to bike up to your home and struggling as this is light.

The aluminum frame offers a sporty feel and there are the upright pedals as well. You really can get comfortable using the bike and the Shimano 21-speed drive train is perfect. It doesn’t matter if you use this all the time or occasionally the 700c wheels are perfect to use. This is a bike with a lot of potential and so much to offer.


Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Anyone who wants to enjoy a top quality hybrid bike will adore the Schwinn Discover men’s hybrid bike. Now, this is suitable for men of course and it’s strong, durable and very reliable no matter what you are aiming for. This is great taking you back and forth from work, avoiding all those traffic jams first thing in the morning and it’s great if you want to get in shape too! However, it’s not too costly and offers a lot of quality.

The design and style of the bike is very standard but that isn’t a bad thing; a lot of people think standard means bad but it’s really good. There are no whistles or bells here and that’s good too as you know it’s going to just stick to quality and professionalism. The Schwinn is a lovely hybrid though and the written detailing of Schwinn to the side of the frame is great. You will love how nice this looks and how high quality it appears also.

The aluminum city frame is very nice and the suspension fork is sturdy as well. Riders will feel at ease whilst using this bike and it’s not hard to see why. There is real quality on offer here whether you have a lot or little to spend. Everyone will enjoy the hybrid and its fantastic look and superb finishing.


Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Step-Thru 8 Speed Shimano Hybrid Urban Cruiser Commuter Road Bicycle

For those who are interested in getting a top quality bike but who also want to ensure they’re getting a great value for money, they will love the Gama Bikes. The Gama Bikes women’s Metropole step-thru 8 speed Shimano hybrid urban cruiser commuter road bicycle is truly a great quality option for users worldwide. This is certainly a bike to embrace and there is so much it has to offer too.

You will just love the unique styling of the bike. The low stooping frame is quite appealing and it makes it impressive whether you want a real quality feel or just an easier bike to get on and off of! A lot of people can struggle to get onto a bike and it’s no laughing matter which is why the stooping frames are perfect.

In terms of cost, you are getting a fairly impressive deal and it’s a lovely traditional feeling bike. The frame is incredibly strong and you can reach high speeds here too. However, there is a lot on offer here that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s very impressive and that high quality feel shines through from start to finish.


Retrospec Bicycle Step-Thru Sid-7 Dutch Style Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

If you are someone who wants a very unique hybrid bike then the Retrospec bicycle step-thru Sid-7 Dutch style hybrid urban commuter road bicycle has to be it. Now, as soon as you see this hybrid you will love it and it comes with a lovely retro feel too which is great. The Dutch styling is very nice and it will appeal to most as well.

However the pinks and dusty cream colors are utterly gorgeous and any lady will love to use this hybrid. Putting the color scheme to one side for a moment and you are getting a high quality bike with a lot to offer as well. There is a rack to the back of the bike above the rear wheel which will allow you to store and attach a bag there if you so wish.

The lightweight frame is truly nice and the step-thru design is perfect. You might not think too much of the frame’s design but it’s going to be something that helps you get on and off the bike with ease. This is great for light cycling, commuting, exercise and riding. It’s a great and very versatile hybrid to consider.


What Is The Best Hybrid Bikes For Men Under $500?

The Schwinn Discover men’s hybrid bike is one of the most top quality hybrids available today. You might not think there is anything too special about this bike and yet it really does offer so much quality whether you’re new to cycling or an experienced cyclist. Anyone will adore what this bike has to offer and it does look great. There is a certain quality to the bike that makes this standout and it will attract to buyers as well.

However, the all-black frame is nice and well designed indeed. The frame is well finished and while it might not appear to be a very special looking bike, it is such a lovely one. You are getting a comfortable bicycle and it’s great whether you want to commute to work in the mornings or visit the local shops. In terms of costs, you will find this is an exceptionally priced bike and it’s very good indeed.

The great thing about the Schwinn Discover is that it comes with a great city aluminum frame and there is the Schwinn alloy crank and suspension fork also. The linear pull brakes are very good and the padded saddle seat is very comfortable to sit in. you will enjoy using the hybrid even on longer cycling journeys.


One of the top quality hybrids for men has to be the Sixthreezero EVRY Journey men’s 26 inch 7 speed sport hybrid cruiser bicycle. This is the best hybrid bikes for men under $500 and it truly offers everything you will need and so much more. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend a little or a lot, this hybrid is truly a high quality and very affordable bike.

However, the overall look is very appealing. Now you might not think too much about the bike when you first look at it but it really is nice. It is far more useful than you would think and the black matte finish is beautiful. The gorgeous bike really appeals no matter who you are and the seat is comfortable and easy to adjust too.

Users are getting a seven speed hybrid bike with a great aluminum frame and you get a nice urban feel to it too. The Shimano features are truly lovely and you are going to enjoy using this whether you plan a short or long journey. However, the pedal positions offer real versatility and you can adjust these to suit your height.


What Is the Best Women’s Bikes Under $500?

The Northwood’s Springdale Women’s 21-speed hybrid bicycle is truly amongst the very best available today. If you want to find the best women’s bike under $500 then you may want to take a very close look at the Northwood’s Springdale. This is very nice and appealing bicycle whether you want to get a very modern designed bike or a classical looking bike. The Northwood’s really lovely and that is something most users will adore.

The overall costs are quite affordable and that is surprising too. However, the bike comes with a very nice white frame that offers a very simplistic feel to it. The frame is complemented nicely by the brown leather saddle and handlebars. These are really top quality to say the least and the tires are strong and very reliant too. You shouldn’t have any problems with this bike and it’s really nice with the 700c wheels.

There is also the rear rack which can be used to store some items whilst you travel and the fenders are strong and impressive looking. The hybrid also comes with alloy rims and linear pull brakes as well which are very appealing. However, the lightweight aluminum frame is nice and again this comes with an upright riding position which is comfortable for the rider.


If you want to find the best women’s bikes under $500, you might want to take a close look at the Sixthreezero Explore Your Range women’s 7-speed hybrid commuter bike. Now, this is a very lovely looking bike and it does offer so much quality too. Whether you want to get a high quality bike or just want to upgrade to a hybrid, this is going to be a real contender.

However, this is such a lovely bike and the sky blue finishing to the frame is really appealing. The costs are good and affordable which is what most people want and the wheels are strong and vastly durable. The 700x38c wheels are really impressive and they come with a double walled rim which only adds more comfort to the ride.

The synthetic leather saddle is quite comfortable so sitting for prolonged periods of time shouldn’t become an issue. However, you get the Shimano7 speed external derailleur also and the rear rack to add a basket. The handlebars are high quality and you should be able to find a nice and comfortable seating position no matter who you are or where you want to travel to.


Make a Careful Choice

When it comes to buying a new hybrid, a lot of cyclists can get a little confused and it’s not hard to see why. There are a lot of high quality bikes to consider and narrowing the field to just one is not overly simple. However, if you take your time you will find the right hybrid bike that looks great and offers you everything you need and want. Buying the best hybrid bikes under $500 can be easy!