The Best Commuter Bikes under $500 Can Be Easy To Find

Commuter Bikes Reviews

Commuter bicycles are really quite adored by millions of workers. Why? Well, have you ever tried to make the morning rush? It’s a nightmare. You can get up and leave home on time or even five minutes early and still end up being thirty minutes late. How is this all possible? It’s down to bad traffic and in truth there are more cars on the road today than ever before. This is fast becoming a real issue for commuters worldwide and while cars appear to be the fastest mode of transport for most, it’s less convenient.

However, commuter bikes are really great because they make traveling to work easier and without the drama. These are lovely bikes that are designed specifically for those who need a simple way to get to work and any commuter will love what they have to offer. When it comes to buying the best commuter bikes under $500 you really have to think about the choice you’re about to make.

The best will depend on the distance you have to cover as well as your personal likes and the various terrains you’ll cover. Most of all, the decision will depend on what you feel most comfortable using which is often forgotten about but it is important to remember this.  For instance, if you wanted a bike that is good at handling mostly tarmac roads and sidewalks then you may want to look at the upright position riding bikes. These offer far more comfort and allow you to get better view of the road ahead.

However, you may also prefer the drop bar commuter bikes. These offer a little more speed which may be useful if you have a long journey ahead. Of course, the final decision lands at your feet and it certainly can be a tough one. However, if you have a fair idea what you have available then it can be a lot easier to narrow the choices down and pick just one.

Top 5 Commuter Bikes under $500 Reviews

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

For those who have a more limited budget, it’s important to look for a commuter bike that falls within that range. It isn’t difficult to find a great commuter bike as long as you wise about it that is. One of the top quality options should have to be the Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike. Now, this really is a lovely bike and one that does offer everything you will need and so much more.

The blue wheels are really nice and the overlapping black tires are great. You are going to love this color combo and it does look great. However, in terms of costs, you’re getting a fairly impressive deal and it’s highly adorable too. The white frame is very clinical but it complements the blue and black wheels/tires beautifully. You are going to be able to get a nice comfortable position whilst riding.

The TIG welded steel frame has truly been built to last which is an excellent feature to say the least. However, there is also a very easy to use front brake and you will find this to be an extremely easy bike to use. There is nothing to dislike about the commuter bike and it’s one to truly enjoy also.


The Retrospec Bicycles Mantra-7 Urban Commuter Bicycle

Commuter bikes don’t get any better than this. The Retrospec bicycles Mantra-7 urban commuter bicycle is truly amongst the best and you are just going to love what it has to offer. You aren’t just getting a nice looking bike but one that offers wider and larger tires and a lot of comfort too. These are things every user wants and needs so they’re welcomed here.

However, the tires are really high quality and the frame looks utterly fantastic. The TIG welded steel frame is really a nice addition and it will be extremely comfortable to use when commuting back and forth to work. You will love how comfortable the seat feels and since the frame is hand-built you feel as though you’re getting something extra which is great.

The 7-speed Shimano features are great additions and the Shimano shifters are lovely and very good at helping to offer better stopping conditions also. For commuters, they will find this bike to be very useful indeed. The Mantra-7 is easy to maneuver and extremely versatile too.


Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Commuting doesn’t have to be as bad as you might think and there are many useful commuters to consider. One amazing bike has to be the Critical Cycles Harper Single-speed fixed gear urban commuter bike. Now, this is really quite a lovely commuter bike and it’s highly useful to get where you need to be in record timing. This is certainly a commuter to enjoy and it’s easy to see why.

Cyclists will find this is a truly lovely bike to commute to work and even if they want to cycle to the beach or just take a leisurely cycle out and about, this is very nice. The white frame is quite appealing and the tires are larger and very strong too. That is so important when it comes to commuter’s bikes as it’s necessary for them to be soft and comfortable, not to mention durable.

Maintaining the commuter bike isn’t too difficult and this comes with a lovely and very strong rim. The pedals are great and the seat is quite comfortable to use as well. However, the overall costs are fairly impressive and the bike does offer so much. You will love how amazing the bike looks and how easy it is to use also.


Fortified City Commuter Theft-Resistant Single Speed Bike

Another great quality commuter bike under $500 to consider has to be the Fortified City commuter theft-resistant single speed bike. This is really a quality item here and there sheer elegance about it too. You might not give that a lot of thought but if you are paying out good money, you want it! However, the commuter is a perfect option to go to work with and it is easy to maintain and keep clean also.

The Fortified City Commuter offers a strong and lightweight frame with the Fortified writing to the side which is really quite nice. The black finishing to the frame is also very nice and appealing and it does look high quality too. You will also find you get a smooth and very solid ride to and from work and this are a bike made for harsh city streets which is great.

The frame is also lightweight and made from rust-resistant aluminum frame. There is the single speed which is great for commuters and the overall costs are fairly decent too. Anyone who wants to commute on a daily basis will find this to be a suitable option. You are going to find this bike is truly a high quality one and it’s something to enjoy vastly.


The Critical Cycles Mixte 3-Speed City Coaster Commuter Bicycle

Another one of the very best commuter bikes under $500 would have to be the Critical Cycles Mixte 3-speed city coaster commuter bicycle. This is not only a very appealing option but one that comes with a lot of quality. The overall design is very simple and yet appealing and it’s subtle in terms of how it has been designed and styled.

The lower swooping frame is nice and makes this a lot easier to swing your leg over the frame! There are many who have this issue so it’s nice to see the lower frame. However, in terms of costs, you are going to get a really good and affordable price. Also, there is a lot of quality on offer which makes this highly versatile.

The saddle seat is faux leather which is a lot easier to maintain and keep clean. This is also very comfortable and the handlebar grips are easy to work with too. The coaster brakes offer a more simpler braking system and the step through frame is lightweight. This is certainly a bicycle with a lot of potential and this commuter is an excellent choice.

Commute and Stay Safe

While you may buy the best commuter bikes under $500, you still have to take an air of caution when on the roads. A lot of people think cyclists have the right of way but in morning rush hours or indeed on any busy highway or road, vehicle owners don’t think and don’t always pay close enough attention. That is why you need to be safe on the roads and be watchful of fast-changing weather conditions and vehicles around you.

This is the boring part of buying a new bike but it is very important for any and all commuters. Yes, most drivers are careful but there are still dozens and dozens who really don’t take enough care on the roads. That is why you need to invest in some safety equipment like high visibility jackets and taillights so that all drivers can see you.

Be careful on the roads and buy the best commuter bikes under $500 that you love! Enjoy cycling.