Choosing the Best City Bikes under $500

City Bikes under $500 Reviews

Cycling isn’t a tough task but for some, they really dislike it. The problem is commuting to and from work is a nightmare as it means going into or out of the big cities and it’s not always easy. You have a thousand others like you trying to get home or to work and it’s a mad dash to see who gets there first! However, with city bikes, they do make it a lot easier to commute and go in and out of the city. The reason why is simply because they’re created for busy city lifestyles and that makes them very unique indeed.

Everyone would love to say arriving home after a long day isn’t grueling but it is. Avoiding heavy traffic isn’t easy and then you have the rain and other elements to consider. Most find during the winter months they arrive home soaked through and muddy! That isn’t the best look and to be honest, it’s a part of cycling. However, you’re experience doesn’t have to be like that. You can absolutely enjoy bicycling to and from the city with the best city bikes under $500.

Really you can get a great city bike for less than five hundred dollars and that is amazing. The best thing of all, you can get a high quality bike that will take you into the city and to work without letting you down. You can get everything you need and want from a city bike and they are so very affordable too. Enjoy a new city bike and arrive in style.

Top 5 City Bikes under $500 Reviews

The Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

City bikes are amazing options and they can offer so much in such a little package. The Vilano fixed gear bike Fixie single speed road bike is truly a lovely bike to consider and while you might think it’s just a road bike, it’s also a great city one too. Anyone who wants to get a top quality bike will love this one and in all honesty, the Vilano is impressive.

However the Vilano is really quite lovely. You have a beautiful blue frame and it’s one very strong one too. That is certainly great as it helps to ensure the bike is suitable to use whether you want to take this for a short journey or a long one. Anyone who wants to get a quality bike under $500 will really enjoy this Vilano.

The 700c fixed gear is truly impressive and the fork is amazing too. However, the fixed cog and freewheel design is lovely. These are amazing features and anyone who wants a strong bike will love this. However, it isn’t overly costly and the bike will appeal to beginners and experts alike.


Public Bikes V1 Single-Speed City Bike

For those who want a great city bike, the Public Bikes V1 single-speed city bike is really nice and it will be one that appeals to most users also. However, the bike looks amazing and the frame is lightweight and extremely versatile too. In terms of costs, you are going to find they are fairly good and great whether you are working with a budget or otherwise.

The Public Bikes V1 is utterly gorgeous and it’s very much affordable too which is perfect. This is however a reliable bike and it comes with a lovely diamond frame which is in fact a classic design. The frame is really quite appealing and it’s great whether you want to commute to work or go for a short ride. The bicycle is also quite easy to maintain too which is amazing.

However the single speed drive train is amazing and useful for hilly terrain and flat streets as well. The frame is extremely durable and lightweight too and this will be one that offers so much quality. You are going to love the city bike and it’s not hard to see why; it’s a high quality bike. This will appeal to most users and it’s not overly costly either.


Fortified City Commuter Theft-Resistant Single Speed Bike

When it comes to choosing a new city bike, you can often get a little confused as to what you need or want. However, there are a few city bikes that look amazing and one top quality option has to be the Fortified City Commuter theft-resistant single speed bike. The Fortified City commuter bike is such a lovely bike and something most will enjoy using time and time again.

The overall costs are extremely good and affordable. Anyone who doesn’t want to spend any more than $500 will enjoy this one and in all honesty, it’s a sensible option too. The Fortified writing on the frame is great and the black finishing to the frame and tires are lovely. You will love how the bike looks also.

The city bicycle is truly able to offer a solid and smooth ride and this will be able to handle the city roads and streets with ease. The tires are very good and you will find the aluminum frame is light and strong. This is truly a bicycle that offers a lot of quality whether you plan to use each day or occasionally.


Pure City Dutch Style Step-Thru City Bicycle

City bikes aren’t too difficult to find as long as you analyze the options available to you. One of the most appealing bikes has to be the Pure City Dutch style step-thru city bicycle and it’s really quite nice. What is so amazing about the bike is that it comes with a lovely lower frame which means users can easily mount and dismount.

That might not really sound overly necessary but in all honesty, it’s a lot easier! However, putting the lower frame to one side, you are actually getting a lot of style and comfort. The padded seat is great and you will find the handlebar grips are strong too. The rear rack is great as it means you will be able to store a bag there.

However, the bike does come with comfortable tires and great 8-speed Shimano shifters. Everything about the bike screams high quality and that is something you will love whether you want to use this daily or once or twice a week. This is certainly a bike to enjoy and one you will love to use too. It’s very affordable and nicely designed. The design is going to be a standout feature so it will please you and it looks good too.


SIXTHREEZERO Ride in the Park Women’s 7-Speed City Bicycle 17-Inch Frame/700C Wheels

Another great option to consider has to be the SIXTHREEZERO Ride in the Park women’s 7-speed city bicycle 17-inch frame/700c wheels. Anyone who loves to get a high quality bike will love this city bike and it’s quite appealing to say the least. The SIXTHREEZERO offers a lovely lower swooping frame which is nice and the finish to the frame is great too.

When it comes to getting real quality, this bike will offer that and so much more. It really doesn’t matter if you want a bike to use each day or just once a week, this is a great option. This is strong, durable and quite versatile, not to mention reliable. You are going to love how comfortable the bike feels when cycling and you can feel more comfortable when cycling also.

The woman’s bike is great for most and the 7-speed features are great. The Shimano derailleur is an ideal addition and the bike is great at handling a variety of city roads. You will love how comfortable this bike is when out and about. However, the costs are fairly good too. That will be an important factor for most and in all honesty, you will love what this has to offer.

Tackle City Roads with Ease

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading into the big, big cities or just a smaller city, they can all be very hectic. You have people on their way to work, others who are there to do a bit of shopping and then there are tourists who want to experience everything the city has on offer. It’s really quite busy and it will be very difficult to navigate through all those people. That is why city bikes are very popular.

City bikes are going to allow you to maneuver throughout the city in style and without running into too much difficulty either. You can go to work, to the local shops or just go on a leisurely cycle and enjoy it all. These bicycles are extremely versatile and they are designed for city life which means they are strong, durable and offer greatness.

Also, cycling does help to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road and in all honesty, you can avoid some heavy and bad trafficked areas. Any cyclist will enjoy taking a city bike and touring the city. Get the best city bikes under $500 and be one with nature again.